What’s a Phone Socket?

You may have landed on the Phone Socket Fun page because you wondered why everyone is talking about a phone socket and you didn’t know what exactly it is. So for those of you who think a phone socket is a little trinket for your cell phone, here’s the real scoop.

It’s a cute phone accessory, sure. But it’s so much more than that! It adheres to the back of your phone securely but isn’t permanent. You can push the socket in flat to place your phone in your bag or pocket. But you can pop the socket out to make a phone stand to prop up the phone while you watch silly cat videos on YouTube or to hold your phone more securely while you’re talking on it.

Some people call it a phone stand, and other people call it a phone socket. We just call it awesome!

phone socket fun

The Benefits of a Phone Socket:

  • They add a touch of style or your favorite color to your phone.
  • You’ll be able to easily identify your own phone from every other phone.
  • Because you can hold your phone securely, it will help prevent dropped phones and cracked phone screens.
  • Placing your phone in an upright position to stabilize it while you’re video chatting will eliminate shaky and fuzzy chats.
  • You can personalize your phone socket with your pet photos and show off Miss Kitty to everyone.
  • They are the least expensive way to personalize your phone.
  • Show off your community pride by buying sockets displaying your group message, colors, or logo.
  • Phone sockets are cute and fun!