5 Christmas Stocking Stuffers Under $7 Each

Christmas stocking stuffers and small token gifts for friends and co-workers shouldn’t bust your Christmas budget wide open. Opt for fun, easy stocking stuffers with an affordable price tag.

Christmas can get crazy expensive. If you’re a smart shopper, you’ve been scouring deals and putting up gifts for months. But, you still might need small gifts for a co-worker, neighbor, babysitter, or other last minute gifts. These stocking stuffers also make great token of appreciation gifts.

5 Christmas Stocking Stuffers Under $7

1 – Phone Socket … of course!

phone socket fun
Let your loved one show off love for their favorite pet with a photo phone socket

Of course, our first pick is a phone socket. And, why not? It’s small enough to fit into a stocking, and it will be appreciated and used every day. Plus, you can customize a phone socket to feature a cool monogram, their favorite flower, a monogram, or a treasured photo.

Most of the Phone Socket Fun phone sockets are just $6.99, and that includes the shipping! (Exceptions are the glitter sockets -sorry!)

2 – Personalized Christmas Ornament

stocking stuffers
Create personalized ornaments in just moments for a couple of dollars.

Skip the high-dollar Christmas ornament kiosks at the mall and make your own personalized stocking stuffer for just a few dollars. You can purchase Christmas ornaments at the craft store, grab a permanent marker, and let the creative juices flow.

3 – The Sweetest Gift

stocking stuffers
Satisfy their sweet tooth, but keep the gift cute!

Need a stocking stuffer for a friend with a sweet tooth? Satisfy their cravings with this little gift jar. This stocking stuffer costs just under $4–$1 for the pint mason jar with a cute holiday lid at the dollar store and $2.75 for the bag of candy.

Fill the jar, and voila!

Is it wrong that I picked out all my favorite dark chocolate candies when I packed this gift?

4 – Jar Candle

stocking stuffers
A jar candle is always an easy stocking stuffer.

We found this jar candle at a local big box store chain. It’s really cute, has a festive holiday message, and smells awesome. It’s not the big brand candle name, but it’s definitely not cheap looking. The cost of this was just $5.

5 – Homemade Christmas Cookies

If you’re feeling particularly generous and prefer a true handmade treat, consider baking your own Christmas cookies to give as gifts. While the supplies to whip up a batch might be $10 or $12, the cost per dozen will likely be around $3, making this a super-affordable gift. The pumpkin spice shortbread cookies you see here cost a total of $12 to make which equals $2 per dozen.

You might be wondering how cookies will work out in a Christmas stocking. Great question, and it’s really easy.

Clean out used snack sized potato chip tubes with a damp paper towel. Wrap the tube in Christmas gift wrap, and layer the homemade goodies in the tube. You can layer the cookies between festive cupcake liners to hold them into place so they don’t slip in sideways.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to pay mall prices when you’re making those important stocking stuffer purchases. Use some creativity. Shop around for the best values. You’ll be able to find stocking stuffers on the cheap that don’t look cheap.

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