Here’s a list of the frequently asked questions that our wonderful customers ask about phone sockets. AKA FAQs

Where do you ship?

Right now, we only ship within the good old United States of America. However, we do hope to expand this in the future.

What’s your shipping fee?

We don’t charge a separate shipping fee for regular retail orders. That’s right. Nada, nothing, free of a fee. If you are custom ordering a large order for a fundraiser or corporate gift, shipping fees will apply.

Do you offer free pickup?

If you are located in the Greenville, NC area, you are welcome to take advantage of free pickup. Just let us know ahead of time when you plan to pick up your phone sockets, keychains and badge reels.

Can you fulfill large orders?

Yes! We can supply you with phone sockets, keychains and badge reels for larger events, family reunions, corporate functions, and any other large order.

Can you personalize the phone sockets?

Of course, we specialize in personalized but affordable phone sockets, keychains and badge reels. This means that you can order phone sockets with a photo of a pet or a loved one, a monogram, Greek letters, or any other personalized variable.

Indeed, this makes phone sockets by Phone Socket Fun perfect for bachelorette parties, bridal shower or baby shower favors, or corporate logo gifts to give away to employees and customers. Everyone will actually love…and want to use…this gift! After all, who really needs another pen?

How do I add a monogram to my item?

After you have selected your products, place them in your cart then view your cart. When you select “Proceed to Checkout” there is a an “Additional Information” spot to add optional notes. This is where you add your monogram or font style you have chosen from our “Monogram” section and indicate your initials in the order in which you would like them to appear. Traditional monograms will be first, last then middle.

Are you able to supply fundraisers?

Absolutely, we can help you with a fundraiser. See our Fundraiser page for more information.

How do I apply my phone socket after I receive it?

Clean the area of the phone or case where the phone socket is to be applied using rubbing alcohol. Let the area dry. Then, remove the backing of the 3M adhesive pad and place on your phone’s case. Press down firmly and evenly. You should allow 24 hours before using the phone socket for optimal adhesion.

Are there phones that don’t work well with your phone sockets?

YES! These do NOT adhere well to textured cases and will not adhere to cases made from silicone or TPU or iPhone8s!