3 Fun and Convenient Cell Phone Accessories

It’s no secret that we are crazy over cell phone accessories here at Phone Socket Fun. We make no secret of that! We love to accessorize, and the more the better! Here are our picks for the 5 most fun cell phone accessories that you can buy.

3 Fun+Convenient Cell Phone Accessories

Phone Sockets:

We guess that you’re not surprised at our first pick, phone sockets. But why do we love them?

Phone sockets are a perfect way to make your cell phone stand out from the crowd. You can personalize phone sockets to represent your lifestyle, career, favorite color, or Fido’s photo.

In addition, they really do help give your phone more “grip” when you’re talking. This means less chance of you dropping it onto the floor. Yet, it still slides easily into your pocket or purse.


Most phones today come with a set of Plain Jane white or black earbuds. Why settle for humdrum? You can find earbuds in as wide a variety of colors and patterns as you can imagine.

Pop in earbuds whenever you want to listen to music in private, to hear a conversation more clearly, or when you want to fully tune out background noise when someone’s trying to butt in on your conversation. It’s way more effective than being like, “Hello, I’m having a conversation…”

Phone Charger Wallets:

Phone charger wallets are an extraordinarily convenient multi-use device. First, as the name implies, it’s a wallet. Second, there’s a compartment that accommodates most cell phones (check yours for fit before you buy).

But the third use for a phone charge wallet is why we love this. It holds a tiny battery powered charger inside it, allowing you to fully charge your phone when you’re in a bind, away from home, or caught without your charger. It frees you from the need to find a wall outlet asap to charge up.

Check out these 3 fun and convenient cell phone accessories. You’ll be glad that you did!



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