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The Phone Socket Fun team shares one common goal: To allow our customer (that’s you!) to have a fun experience designing their own phone sockets! We make only high-quality phone sockets. And, we love your creative ideas.  In fact, we encourage you to be creative in designing a fun phone socket with your monogram, a photo of a pet or loved one, or your company logo. 

Our in-house production team strives to make high-quality phone sockets that you’ll have fun using every day. We want you to love our products and order them over and over again. We hope that you’ll keep them, give them as gifts, and use some as company swag!

Locally Produced in Greenville, North Carolina

A casual internet reader might wonder about our purple and gold logo. We understand. It might look like an odd color combination to some. But to those of us located right here in Greenville, North Carolina, it’s just another sign of hometown pride! You see, our little city is the home to East Carolina University. We are proud to sport the purple and gold logo that’s known throughout the town!

In fact, Greenville is more than just a college town. North Carolinians know Greenville as the heart of Eastern North Carolina. Eastern NC is largely rural. In fact, we are known for having more peanuts than people! For those who live in those vast stretches of farmland and forests in those surrounding counties, we serve as the hub for medical services, shopping destinations, dining options, and entertainment.

We produce Phone Socket Fun products right here in the city known as the heart of Carolina. From order processing to graphics to assembly, it’s all done right here in Greenville.

Order Phone Sockets…Next Steps

We encourage you to visit our e-Commerce store. Here, you will be able to look at designs, monogram ideas, and send us your customized photos. Happy Shopping!