Colorful Puppy Paws Phone Socket, Keychain & Badge Reel




Need a gift for a dog lover? Earn two paws up! The gift recipient will most certainly love the Puppy Paws pawprint phone socket. Dotted with a colorful paw print pattern, this is a cheerful and fun way to honor their love of dogs.

This phone socket is also great for an animal rescue fundraiser. Also, it can be sold to symbolize your animal rights group.

Once you receive your phone socket, it’s easy to put on to your phone. Wipe your cell phone down with alcohol wipes. Peel the backing strip away from the adhesive on the phone socket. Press the adhesive end of the socket onto your phone. Let the adhesive dry an hour or so to create a long-lasting grip.

When it’s time to remove the socket and put on a new one, gently pull the socket off of your phone and start over again!

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