Gray and White Camouflage Phone Socket, Keychain & Badge Reel




It’s not fifty shades, but we use several shades of gray in this gray white camouflage combo phone socket. Do you love neutrals that will pair with your entire wardrobe? Check out this adorable phone socket. It’s the must-have for those who love camo but are over the olive drab, already!

Like all of our sockets, we can make this to your own specifications. Want an initial? Yep, we can. Rather have a monogram? Sure thing. Sending us a picture of Fluffy the cat? No problem.

We coat our phone sockets to make them last a couple of months, under normal wear and tear. Of course, if you like to drop your phone or dunk it into the toilet bowl, it won’t last you quite as long.

Apply your phone socket by wiping down your cell phone with rubbing alcohol, peeling away the backing, and adhering the socket to the middle of the back of your phone. Once your adhesive is dry, it will stick for a couple of months. When you’re ready to change up to a new socket, just pop it off and start over again!

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